Reels of some of my favorite work and breakdowns.



An extended version of my reel that is divided into categories such as compositing, vfx, character animation, and motion graphics.


This is a reel of some of my older but favorite shots. They demonstrate some variety I haven't had an opportunity to pursue in recent years.

Witches of Oz

From 2009 to 2011 I worked as a VFX Supervisor for a film called "The Witches of Oz". This reel is a collection of some of my favorite shots.


More shots and detailed breakdowns of how I did my Jaberwocky. Designs, Zbrush Sculpts, Maya Rigging and Animation, through final Composites.

Talking Dog

A commercial where I had to make a photo real visual effect of two dogs talking to eachother. The replacement muzzle was modeled in ZBrush, animated in Maya, then projection map and tracked back on.


Some fun detailed shots and breakdowns of another Witches of Oz character.