Scene from the "Penny Dreadful Picture show".

Breakdown of the vfx for the headshot. I only had a few reference photos to work from, gathered a few from the actors facebook page for more reference. Given the nature of the destruction it didn't have to be 100% perfect but I wanted it as close as productively possible. Most of the texturing was by hand and some projection. The hair was sculpted in ZBrush and converted to a Maya hair system. The destruction was a combination of of hand tracking and nCloth simulation. Several layers were rendered out to blend him into the shot and time remapped to help sell the slow motion effect.


Film shot a failed practical head explosion. I was given a plate of the actor moving in slow motion to blow up. I modeled the head, Matchmoved the face to the plate, dynamically simulated the skin, skull, and muscles with nCloth. Blood and debris achieved with nParticles and Fluids. Rendered with MentalRay and VRay.