"Angry Armadillo" Mascot for a new company.

(Sadly Canceled)

Early development

I was asked to make a mascot character for a new film company. Something to play at the begining and end of their films and projects. I was given free reign to compe up with something on my own. So instead of working from sketches or notes I just dove right into ZBrush and started mocking something up. As ideas get approved i'll finalize and detail with real textures and finer detail.

Unfortunately the company changed hands, character was never finished.

I might revisit as a pet project one day, but fun to leave up as a work in progress.



Angry Armadillo Loop from Jay Garrison on Vimeo.


Timelapse of the first sculpting session.

Armadillo Timelapse1 from Jay Garrison on Vimeo.


Initial screenshots of setting up the sculpt.


Fleshing out some color and detail ideas.


Props. He will ultimately have a vest, sunglasses, and holsters for multiple hand guns.




Character Sheet of some reference images and quick sketches.